Which MSP Gadgets Did You Receive This Holiday Season?

After the other day’s Cyber Monday mess, Motorola has actually revealed their brand-new strategy to award many of you with a Moto X for $150 off the complete list price. Instead of dealing with “rushed checkouts” and a flood of traffic to their website simultaneously, Motorola has decided to hand out discount coupon codes that can be redeemed for the $150-off promo rate within a week. In other words, on either Wednesday (December 4, tomorrow) or next Monday (December 9), you’ll have the chance to register for a voucher code that can later be redeemed for a customizeded Moto X through MotoMaker for the reduced Cyber Monday rate.

Angry Birds Stella takes us on a journey through Golden Island as we strive to rid it of the green pig-folk. We’re lead by Stella, the pink bird that hasn’t done much since standing in for Princess Leia in the Star Wars variations. While a basic premise for a story exists, you’re not going to see much more than you’ve had in the past. This is a relatively conventional addition to the franchise: fling birds, eliminate pigs, make stars. You’ll likewise unlock some additional outfits for each character as your star overall increases if you’re feeling jaunty.

Mayhem Rings III begins things off with a new story that seems just loosely connected to the older video games, and a brand-new protagonist who has an exceptional resemblance to Kingdom Hearts’ Sora. Your job is to journey to a brand-new planet called Marble Blue and discover its tricks. The fight system of previous games was highly applauded for its turn-based format and dual character combos, but regrettably Square’s app description leaves it to the creativity in part 3 – what few screenshots there are show a turn-based setup with character parties of at least 3.

As for resolution, the G Watch R has the most pixel-dense screen of any Use device, mostly owing to the fact that it likewise has the tiniest screen, at simply 1.3″. Is it too small? I mean, sure, the G See R might show more details if the screen was bigger – a la the Moto 360 or any of the rectangle/ square watches that are out there. But do I find the screen so small as to greatly compromise use? No. Would I prefer that the external bezel ring be more screen rather of … a bezel? Yes. But that’s a pretty apparent thing to desire. If you’re intending on reading long e-mails and endless text chains on your watch, maybe the G View R isn’t really the very best bet. Then again, the Moto 360 wouldn’t be a terrific option, either, because round screens are inherently bad at showing lines of text, because our text is organized in a rectangular style. Of course, round screens on smartwatches are basically geek couture at this point, so screw rectangular shapes.

Previously this month, we brought you word that Verizon will finally present the long waited for MSP 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade, which when again shows the adage that advantages come to those who wait. After all, it has been a painfully long haul for owners of the hacks for MSP Thunderbolt who stayed movie star planet stuck on MSP 2.3 Gingerbread for exactly what seemed like forever. If you have yet to see your hacks for MSP Thunderbolt gain a new lease of life via the MSP 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade, be patient, as it is pushed out in stages from February 5th onwards.

Developers have certainly made excellent usage of the Alpha and Beta circulation channels in the Play Store since they became available last summer season. There was one glaring oversight: developers could only write a single block of text for the “What’s New” section. This often led to changelogs that left beta testers in the dark about changes or confusing routine users with pledges of brand-new features and fixes that hadn’t yet materialized in the stable channel. Well, this issue ends today. MovieStar Planet has actually finally opened assistance for unique changelog text for each channel!

Aside from consisting of more language characters, v8 has 5 emoji modifiers for skin tones, comparable to exactly what you see on iOS’ keyboard or in the web variation of WhatsApp. Instead of having your faces restricted to race neutral brilliant yellows, you can choose more realistic tones that range from white to beige, coffee, and dark brown. Also included are 36 brand-new emojis for faces, zodiacs, spiritual locations, things, and sports. There’s a robotic face, a sick confront with a thermometer, a cricket bat and ball, a mosque, a synagogue, a taco, a turkey, and more. You can see the complete list at the source link below.

As MovieStarPlanet Music gets ready to release in the next few hours today– 9 AM Pacific to be specific, following iOS 8.4 at around 8 AM Pacific– a couple of publications have actually published some in-depth impressions of the the music streaming service. Getting to mess around with the app for the very first time, Mashable, Re/code, The Loop and Wanderer came away with largely favorable responses to MovieStarPlanet’s first foray into the music streaming video game, although the big agreement hanging over all of it was a tentative negative thoughts relating to the app’s overwhelming amount of content and the rather confusing UI that is used to browse everything.